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April 12, 2014 Frostbite Racing Photos

After a long hard winter it was great to be back on the water!

Although there was only 4 racing the day, the weather was mild and breeze (mostly) good but most important the Nockamixon Sail Club was back racing.  It was only 2 weeks ago you could see frozen patches on the lake, so the water was cold and the life jacket flag was up.

RC was Craig Smith and Bryan Snader.  There were 3 Flying Scots: Glenn and Dorothy Wesley; Mike Mandell and his buddy Dave; Rick Baucom with Len Evelev and Phil Scheetz.  Dan Reasoner sailed his Thistle and even let a Scot win one.

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New 2:1 Jib Sheet Harness

After discovering the frayed jib sheet harness, I mentioned in my post I would make a new harness for the spring season.  Here it is.

The harness is made from 1/8" Dyneema.  The brummel splices are locked with nylon thread.

Flying Scot 2:1 Jib Sheet HarnessFlying Scot 2:1 Jib Sheet Harness

1/8th Inch Dyneema1/8th Inch Dyneema

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Inspect Those Lines!

Yesterday I was looking over my Flying Scot jib.  I had not removed the 2:1 jib sheet harness at the end of the season.  On first glance it looked new but as I was about to place it with my jib sheets one of the blocks moved towards the opposite side of the brummel loop.

Hidden under the frame of one of the blocks the line had frayed through one of the two loop strands. 

Imminent Loss of Jib ControlImminent Loss of Jib Control

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2013 Awards Banquet Photos

The 2013 Nockamixon Sail Club Awards Banquet was held on Saturday November 11 at the William Penn Inn.

Here are some photos of the event.

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October 19, 2013 Frostbite Racing Photos

Here are photos taken from the Race Committe boat before and during the last 2013 Nockamixon Sail Club race day.

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2013 Challenge of the Lakes and Portsmouth Racing September 22 2013 Photos

On Sunday September 22, 2013 the second Flying Scot Challenge of the Lakes and Portsmouth racing was held.  Here are some photos from the racing and post-race celebration.

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America's Cup 2013 Louis Vuitton Finals

The week of August 16 Dorothy and I went to San Francisco to see the initial races of the Louis Vuitton finals.  The Louis Vuitton Cup is awarded to the America's Cup challenger.

Here are some photos from the trip.

These boats are truely awesome.  Up close when foiling the speed is just plain scary and exciting.

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August Rules Quiz

Following a recent rain delay cancellation, the discussion turned to a recent rules situation.  On first glance the situation is simple but maybe it's not.

Here is the situation: Shortly after the start, yellow and blue are both on starboard.  Yellow luffs blue.  Other boats, also on starboard would prevent blue from tacking to port.

Here are the questions:

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Sunday July 21, 2013 Racing Photos

Sunday, July 21st was a marginal day for racing.  The winds were light and variable which proved to be a challenge for Race Committee Aaron Weilerstein and Glenn Wesley.  Despite the conditions 3 races were successfully run.

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July Invitational Regatta (and water war) Photos

Saturday July 13, 2013 was the NSC July Invitational Regatta.  A good time was had by all despite the fading winds which resulted in only 2 races completed. 

While waiting in vain for the 3rd race to materialize, a few intrepid crews livened up the proceedings with some spirited hijinks.