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Flying Scot Sail Setting

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By glennw - Posted on 29 July 2011

Two quick items.  First I came across a very nice YouTube video describing the basics of using the Flying Scot spinnaker.  Second I mention a good resource for looking at how the Scot is intended to appear when racing.

First the lesson on flying the Flying Scot spinnaker.  This is a very good tutorial.

As many of you know, there were 5 teams from our fleet who raced in the recent North American Championships.  The event itself provided many opportunities to learn besides the actual racing, including 'top gun' sessions on and off the water.

One less obvious place to get some insight is from the photos from the event.  The folks at PhotoBoat captured images from the entire week.  When out on the racecourse they were constantly zipping in and out of the traffic expertly avoiding interfering while still being in position to take action shots.

The NAC photos are currently posted at and are organized by boat number.  The top finishers were boats 67, 11 and 73.  Check out how their sails were set, how the crew was positioned as well as their organization in the cockpit.

Note that photographers may not leave galleries like this up for a long period of time so check it out now.